Design Studio: Urban Laboratory

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The fifth year Urban Laboratory studio focused on the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Manchester and Chateau. Manchester is primarily residential with significant vacancy, while Chateau was part of the industrial riverfront in the height of the industrial era and is now an urban industrial sector. A raised highway, Route 65, divides the two neighborhoods causing Manchester to be cut off from the riverfront. The class worked as whole to create an urban plan for the next thirty years of the area.

My partner and I designed a housing complex on a riverfront site at the south end of the Chateau neighborhood. The scheme fit into the overall urban renewal proposal as part of the first stage in order to engage a new population moving into the area, interested in using the waterfront for recreation. With an influx of people into the area, new businesses and development would be incited. The housing complex contained a variety of different housing types, from row houses to tower apartments, in order to cater to a wide variety of people.

Final Document (pdf – 110MB) Final Presentation Video